• Campagne pour la democratie en Birmanie/Myanmar

    Adresser cette lettre par fax au Secretaire General de Nations Unie Banki-Moon + 1 212 963 7055 afin qu'il agisse fermement pour la liberation des prisonniers politique de (l'ex) Birmanie Myanmar

    Pour la Democratie a Myanmar

    The text of the fax is:

    Dear Ban Ki-moon
    Don’t forget Burma’s
    Political Prisoners

    I am shocked by your decision not to go to Burma to discuss the political crisis in the country.

    You have said that you will not go unless there is progress in the country, but there can be no progress without your engagement in the issue. Sitting back and waiting for the regime to act is in effect a death sentence for hundreds of Burma’s human rights activists who face spending the rest of their lives in jail.

    You personal intervention after cyclone Nargis demonstrated that high level political engagement with the support of neighbouring countries and the international community can make a different. You must apply the same effort to Burma’s political crisis as you did to the humanitarian crisis in the Delta.

    The situation in Burma is deteriorating fast. This is happening on your watch. The people of Burma are looking to you for action. 37 visits to Burma by UN Envoys have not secured a single reform.

    Your personal engagement is urgently needed. There will be no progress in Burma unless you take the lead and push for change. Please also seek the backing of the United Nations Security Council to ensure you have the authority to insist on reform.

    Please don’t ignore Burma’s political prisoners.

    I urge you to go to Burma to secure their release.

    Thank you.

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